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When you think about having a chiseled physique, you can’t help but think about all the hours that you need to endure in a gym just to get the physique you want. Everyone knows that transforming your body takes time. Reality TV shows have highlighted how difficult and challenging losing weight is. If you’ve tried to lose weight at least once in your life, you’d know that losing weight isn’t something that could be done in just a month – until you come across XR30.

XR30 is a new fitness system that promises to help you transform your body in just 30 days. Yes, you read that right – 30 days. The best part is, you won’t have to do extreme 4-hour training workouts every day- you only need 30 minutes of your day to work out. Sounds impressive, right?

In this industry, we have learned that anything that sounds too good to be true probably is, but at the end of our evaluation of XR30, we have discovered that it is indeed the real deal. You can definitely achieve your body transformation goals in just 30 days, and this intense weight loss program will show you how. We definitely love XR30, and in this review, we’ll lay all the details down as to why we recommend XR30.


XR30 is a fitness system that promises extreme results in just 30 days. XR30 means Xtreme Results 30- 30 minutes daily, get results in 30 days. Sounds simple enough, right? The best thing about XR30 is that it’s actually as simple as it sounds.

XR30 REVIEW: CAN XTREME RESULTS BE ACHIEVED IN 30 DAYS?XR30 is a creation of Vision Bodies, one of the leading brands in fitness. If you’ve heard of Vision Bodies, or have bought one of their products, you would know that this company takes quality seriously. Vision Bodies is an established name in fitness, and by having XR30’s brand under the Vision Bodies portfolio, you’d know exactly that you are dealing with a brand developed by a highly-trusted fitness company.

XR30 is developed by the fitness experts in Vision Body, as well as fitness leads Ian Lauer and Breann Mitchell. It is a combined solution of fitness and diet to get you from fat to fab in just 30 days. The program consists of 12 different workouts, each lasting 30 days. The program recommends that you work out at least 4 times a week in a span of 30 days for you to see the results in your body. XR30 promises almost instantaneous results after every workout, all without having to go to a gym, or even use expensive workout equipment. All you need is a 6 square feet of space for you to perform the routines safely.

XR30 workouts are combined with a comprehensive weight loss diet that aims to supply your body with enough nutrients while helping to burn off fat from your body. XR30 workouts are intense, and without the right diet, it could easily drain anyone of their energy. With the help of the XR30 meal plan, you can still have the energy to perform your daily responsibilities.

Together, the combination of an intense weight loss workout with a comprehensive weight loss diet brings XR30 results much faster than it would normally take. XR30 brings you a years’ worth of results in just 30 days.


XR30 REVIEW: CAN XTREME RESULTS BE ACHIEVED IN 30 DAYS?XR30 is not the first fitness program in the market, but it certainly brings something new to the industry.
XR30 is one of the first fitness programs to seamlessly integrate a nutritional plan to a fitness workout. By engineering the nutritional plan around the intense workout, the rate at which fat is burned could be exponentially increased. XR30 is all about delivering the results fast. No one has the patience to wait for a year just to get a few pounds off. With XR30, you get the body transformation that you signed up for in 30 days or less.

XR30 does not require any special equipment to perform your routines. All you need is an empty 6 square feet of space to safely perform the moves in the routine. Every workout session could be done entirely indoors. There’s no need for an expensive gym membership just to get fit. XR30 will show you how to get an amazing body right at your own living room.


The XR30 THINK SMART system combines the benefits of kinesiology, calisthenics, ketogenics, VO2Max, and EPOC/Afterburn into single, comprehensive fitness program. By integrating a weight loss objective to your physical activities and fitness, it would not take long before you experience the results in your body.

XR30 THINK Nutritional plan

Ever had a diet that makes you grumpy, impatient, and lethargic? Most diet fads were revealed to be major disappointments. Not only because of the sheer ineffectiveness of the program, but because of how it had adversely affected those who were in on the diet. The THINK nutritional plan is a balanced diet solution that cuts off excess calories in your diet, and forces your body to burn fat instead through a natural state of ketosis.

As a person does intense workouts, the body uses up energy in the form of glycogen and stored fat. As the physical activities deplete the body’s glycogen stores, it forces the body to break down fatty tissue to be used as energy. By minimizing the amount of carbohydrates that form glycogen in your diet, your body would be forced to burn fat much faster, and much more efficiently. The process, which is known as ketosis, lets your body to prioritize burning fatty stores to source energy from the body.

THINK stands for Thermogenic High-quality Ingredients for Natural Ketosis. Thermogenesis further hastens your body’s metabolism which burns off excess fat from your body, long after you have done your daily workout. Having a round-the-clock fat burning solution for your body through your diet allows you to rapidly lose excess fat in just 30 days.

XR30 SMART Workout plan

XR30’s SMART workout plan isn’t your typical home fitness video, but it’s not as easy as you would think. SMART stands for Scientific Muscle Activation and Recovery Technique. It’s a fitness plan that aims to keep your body training while your muscles are recovering from a workout. The idea is to train a different muscle group for each of your workout schedules. By isolating muscles, you suffer no downtime and no muscle performance loss.

Beginners would find the SMART workout plan challenging at first. The routines are fairly simple, but grows in intensity as you go through the workout. Even people with an advanced skillset would find that the workouts are demanding, but most would be physically able to do the movements in the routines.

XR30’s SMART workouts utilize EPOC fundamentals to allow your body to burn as much fat as possible when you work out. While your body is in Afterburn, it rapidly consumes more energy as it burns fat for hours after concluding your workout for the day.

The workouts feature the lead trainers Breann and Ian. The two trainers have pretty amazing fitness backgrounds, which were clearly on display in the workout videos. If you are a beginner and would want to do intense workouts that would bring you fast results, then the SMART workouts are for you.


The workouts are about the same intensity as you would expect from a professional workout. This is the same workout that fitness pros use to cut body fat fast, and the same training program that fighters use to make weight for their fights.

An amazing body can certainly be developed from home, but getting there takes time. With XR30, you can achieve the amazing body you’ve always wanted for just 30 minutes a day, 4 times a week. The combination of XR30’s THINK and SMART plans give you the fat-melting solution that will get you build an amazing physique in just 30 days


XR30 is definitely unlike anything we’ve ever seen. Sure there are hundreds of other workout videos out there, but none is as focused and integrated as XR30’s THINK SMART plan. The workout has just two objectives – get you to lose fat, and prevent you from going back to an unhealthy lifestyle. It should be notable that the workouts also have trainings that increase your muscle mass. With an increased muscle mass, your body increases in metabolism, which subsequently allows you to burn fat at a much higher rate.

The bottom line is, XR30 is not just a simple workout program, it’s a lifestyle change that lets you experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. The workouts are great, the trainers are awesome, and they have a meal plan that will let you forget that you’re on a diet. If this is all that you have to do to have the body that you want, I say, what have you got to lose? WE definitely recommend X30 to anyone who wants to transform their body fast.

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